Janet Stanley

Janet has a degree in Fine Art specialising in sculpture and printmaking and has previously taught in a range of educational settings.

Janet works primarily in clay and other modelling materials which are then cast in Bronze Resin or modelled directly using quick setting materials. This gives the opportunity to develop textures and surfaces and movement. This also links in with her interest in mixed media.

Her work is inspired by nature and human interaction with it. The larger pieces were intended to be seen outdoors as an extension of nature.

The small figurative sculptures were first developed during Lockdown. As she was isolating she observed the dynamics within the different groups out walking and the joy of being in nature and outdoor spaces.

Janet works from her studio in Walton on Thames. She regularly exhibits though the Surrey Artists Open Studios and is a member of the Surrey Sculpture Society and more of her work can be seen on both sites. She has also exhibited in various Local Galleries, such as the Fountain Gallery and the Roberta Phillips Gallery.