Being Human

Minimalist modelling in these expressive figures is used to depict scenes from everyday life that convey the vitality of being human though our connections with those we love.

These small sculptures of around 35 cm in height are modelled directly using aluminium wire and plaster polymer. They have a bronze finish.

I produce a lot of sculptures with these themes but each one is individually made and unique. Commissions for specific groupings are undertaken.

The Family

40 CM

Joyful Walk

30 CM

Morning Walk

23 CM

Family Walk

30 CM

The Visit

40 CM


32 CM

Best Foot Forward

30 CM

Being in Nature

These larger pieces were designed to be seen in a natural setting as an extension of nature. They are modelled in clay and then cast into Bronze Resin.

Monumental Head
Edition of 8 - Bronze resin - 70 x 60 cm

Bronze resin - 110 x 62 cm

Edition of 8 - Bronze resin - 125 x 30 cm